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Founder's Message

 I am incredibly humbled and honored to stand before you as the founder of this remarkable organization. Since our establishment in 2019, theAcademy365 has aimed to use the transparency of my life's successes and failures to help young men learn from my mistakes. With full vulnerability, I have chosen to share my journey as a black man in America, serving as a real model of perseverance, wisdom, and integrity. Our champions need to understand the importance of being their true authentic selves and taking pride in being REAL models that serve their community. Together, we will continue to shape the future, one champion at a time.


With deep gratitude and boundless optimism,

- Dr. RB Alverna

Founder, theAcademy365




theAcademy365 is creating a safe space and programming that aims to fight the dominant narrative of black men in America. This will be accomplished through creating resources and tools to assist young men in establishing a core identity, an elevated level of emotional intelligence, and social awareness. We seek to transform the lives of these young men by providing tools to achieve academic success, teaching them the foundations of healthy social relationships, and instilling the ideals of professionalism. These skills intend to help advance these students academically and socioeconomically as they pursue their endeavors and impact their communities.


Our vision is to develop young men into individuals who exhibit an esteemed level of self-worth and emotional maturity, in order to overcome life’s challenges and to achieve meaningful and

impactful lives. 



Teaching our young men to create and embody a true sense of self that is lived through every day of their lives.


The ability for our young men to be aware of their actions, to accept them as well as take ownership of them.


Giving our young men the opportunity to be emotionally invested within themselves and creating a safe space of emotional awareness and growth.


Developing our young men to be the strong voice for themselves as well as their community by creating social change within their environment.


theAcademy365’s mission is creating a safe space and programing aims to fight the dominant narrative of black men in America. This is accomplished through creating resources and tools to assist young men in establishing a core identity, and elevated level of emotional intelligence, and social awareness.


We believe that our champions are special individuals who are important to our community, our country and the world. It is our job to ensure these young men have every opportunity and all support needed to move past external barriers and grow into outstanding, self-sufficient, and healthy adults. As such, we commit ourselves to actively cultivate an environment of positivity, acceptance, and safety — one that teaches program participants to understand and appreciate differences and commonalities. Every person who interacts with our program carries this responsibility. 

theAcademy365’s program is centered on building trust and creating a welcoming, inclusive, and safe space for the young men that we serve. It is only through inclusive and equitable treatment that we are able to give our young men opportunities, a sense of brotherhood, and a supportive community. theAcademy365 recognizes that human differences foster opportunities to learn from the experiences of others. Accordingly, enrolled tA365 members of all backgrounds, circumstances, and identities are accepted. theAcademy365 considers, includes, and embraces all people who interact with our program. 

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Meet The Team


RB Alverna Ed.D.

Founder & Executive Director

Academy 365 Headshot

Derek Smith

Director of Operations


Coach Valdir

Youth Empowerment Coordinator/


Academy 365 Headshot Session-113_edited.

Monique Fleurimond

College/Career Prep Coach


Coach Bruno

Youth Empowerment Coach

Academy 365 Headshot Session-117_edited.jpg

Coach Carl

Youth Empowerment Coach

Academy 365 Headshot Session-115_edited.

Coach Akeem

Youth Empowerment Coach

Board of Directors


Oneil Madden
Board Chair


Lucie Robinson, Esq.

Dr.-Magdala Chery.png

Magdala Chery, MD


Crystal Agnew

kelly castor_Marc Daniele_Montclair Downtown_New Jersey_2021-01-30 230pm_1612187290_recpvk

Kelly Castor, Esq.

KF Headshot 2023.heic

Kathleen Francois


Araba Assan 

Jennifer Jean-Jacques​.jpg

Jennifer Jean-Jacques​

Advisory Council

Eveno Manasse
Achille Dejean

Jessica T. Malebranche

Christopher Davies Jr.

Karmia​ McKenzie
Dr. Torian Easterling
Wanny Manasse

Caleb Cook

Marline Francois-Madden

Patricia Guillaume

Roosevelt Donat Esq.

Rachelle Noel

Lotus Turenne
Marline Edmond

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