Our curriculum consists of innovative and engaging workshops that challenge our young men to think critically about their decisions. More importantly, they teach our students how to apply the lessons taught to their day to day lives. Each workshop encompasses segments that incorporate both mental and physical exercises. We believe when young men are tested in key principles and are challenged to have thought-provoking conversations, they allow themselves to show vulnerability and express true feelings. The results are then internalized. The workshops aim to foster such dialogue, accountability, and emotional expression.

Workshops are presented by experienced individuals from various backgrounds and career paths. We include breakout sessions and team-building exercises to help reinforce learned concepts. Our emphasis is on critical thinking and real-life application of principles.



#theAcademy365 is a youth development nonprofit organization based in Orange, New Jersey. Under the leadership of RB Alverna, #theAcademy365 hopes to reach an overwhelming amount of young black men through mentoring, teaching life skills, and cultivating safe space programming and workshops.


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Fridays (6-9pm) 

Saturdays (9am-3pm) 

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