Black boys heal

"From 2001 to 2015, the suicide risk for Black boys between the ages of 5 and 11 was two to three times higher than that of White boys, according to a new research letter in JAMA Pediatrics" (Bridge, 2018).

Mental Health + Black Boys symposium is a platform where #theAcademy365 will discuss the stigmatization and social construct surrounding mental health and black boys. The end result is to create solutions that will switch the narrative amongst black men.


It is important that we set our young men up for success upon graduating high school. Cornerstone Scholars Initiative aims to assist our scholars in making right, sound and informed post-secondary decisions. These decisions can and will affect their lives as they continue to develop.


This initiative was created with the goal of matching up our high school graduates with a coach that will guide them through effective decision making for two years. It will also launch and support programming for young African American men, share resources and learning tools, recruit coaches and build community.


Cornerstone Scholars Initiative will track progress in order to identify successful strategies, improve programming where necessary, and reward positive outcomes. Finally, Cornerstone Scholars will also serve as a scholarship fund to aid our young African American men to reach their chosen career paths.


Proper communication is a critical aspect of respect, especially when interacting with females. The Woman’s Worth 101 Project allows each male student to have one on one interactions with intelligent women to gain a holistic understanding of approaching, interacting, and speaking in a courteous manner.

#theAcademy365 + Men of the 10th

Community Outreach

A partnership to help our young men engage in the community around them. 

Entrepreneur Series

The Entrepreneur Series aims to dive into various topics such as access to diverse black male leaders, and exploring the ideals of entrepreneurship. 

True Scholar Summer Program

Introduction to College Curriculum - Summer 2021

The goal is to have each student participate in a college program and/or take college tours. 

We want to ensure that our young men have a vision and plan in place for their future.

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