Dr. Magdala Chery, DO, MBS, is a doctor, speaker, and educator on a mission to connect the linkages between societal and physical ills in both her professional and public life. In her professional capacity, Dr. Chery serves as a primary care general internist and assistant professor at Rowan Medicine in New Jersey. 


Dr. Chery is passionate about addressing health policy topics and issues impacting women and girls. As an Albert Schweitzer Fellow, she created and implemented a yearlong after-school program in Camden, NJ called Project S.I.S. (Strong I Stand) for adolescent females addressing Healthy People 2020 initiatives. 

Dr. Chery also uses serves as a freelance writer for BlackDoctor.org. 


Dr. Chery also uses serves as a freelance writer for BlackDoctor.org. BDO) is a powerful resource for 

African-Americans. The site is devoted to providing the most effective strategies, tactics, and health advice to help blacks live healthier happier lives! As a physician of color, Dr. Chery sees this as an opportunity to merge her love for black culture, mission to help close health & socioeconomic gaps in the minority community with her background in medicine. In her most recent article for BlackDoctor.org she tackles the topic of creating safe spaces for men of color to discuss mental health. 


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